Wallpapers of the week: Apple Watch wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop.

Apple Watch Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Tomorrow, Apple pulls off the veil on Apple Watch final details. With the “Spring Forward” event, several years of speculation finally come to a point. Last week, several final pieces of information were leaked, but many more questions still remain.

Apple stands to completely disrupt the wearable device category, as it has done with both iPhone and iPad. While other competitors have the early jump, it could be possible for Apple Watch to become the new standard, to which all future wearable technologies are benchmarked. To celebrate, add these wallpapers today.

Apple Watch Wallpapers

The images are inspired by the Apple Watch interface and make a stunning Lock screen image.

Apple Watch Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus splash

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Apple Watch Wallpaper iPad

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Apple Watch Wallpaper Desktop

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Wallpapers of the week: Spring Forward.

March 9 Apple Media Event splash

Last week, Apple sent media invitations to an event on March 9. It is widely expected the main subject will be the forthcoming Apple Watch, which Tim Cook announced will be available in April 2015. With the invitation reading “Spring Forward,” it is much less cryptic than previous invite wording. “Spring forward” is a common phrase to help people remember to set their clocks forward, ending daylight savings timeThe key here being the overt reference to a device telling time. Further, March 9 is the day after the end of daylight savings time.

Per usual, iRumorsnow wants to help everyone celebrate the moment by highlighting event inspired wallpapers. Inside, you will find versions of the invitation for iPhone, iPad, and desktop.

Apple Watch Event Wallpapers

The iPhone wallpapers are original artwork, inspired by the invitation.

AR7 March 9 Event Wallpaper Splash

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March 9 Apple Event iPad Splash

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March 9 Apple Event Desktop Wallpaper splash

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Wallpapers of the week: geometric wallpapers for iPhone

Geometric Splash

The Wallpapers of the Week series is advancing in age, and with age comes experience. We keep a close eye on the section and try to determine what readers enjoy, what is a habit, a preference, a hate. Of course, data provide quantitative numbers and comments provide qualitative feedback. Crossing the two, provides a path for further posts.

Naturally, not every reader will find their favorite wallpaper each week and they are always quick to sound off. However, there is a certain thread of wallpapers that always seem to draw positive attention: geometric shapes.

Geometric wallpapers

To download the following set of images, simply tap the wallpaper and a full resolution version will load. On your iOS device, save the image to Camera Roll and set it as wallpaper from the Share Sheet.

Geometric iceberg wallpaper

Geometric Iceberg Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Abstract wallpaper

Abstract Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Wood circles minimal wallpaper

Circles wood minimal Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Enterprise geometry

Enterprise Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Shattered pattern wallpaper

Shattered Pattern Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Minimal mountains

Mountains Minimal Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Black shapes

Shapes Black Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Simple minimal points

Simple Minimal Points Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Wallpapers of the week: Batman Arkham Wallpapers.

Wallpapers of the week is a series that works to bring you stunning, high quality wallpapers for your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod Touch.

To celebrate Batman: Arkham Asylum being on sale in the Mac App Store for only $4.99, we’ve brought you another batch of Batman wallpapers for your iPhone.

Wallpaper Weekends: Batman Arkham Wallpapers Wallpaper Weekends: Batman Arkham Wallpapers

Wallpaper Weekends: Batman Arkham Wallpapers Wallpaper Weekends: Batman Arkham Wallpapers

Wallpapers of the week: Illustrated animal kingdom wallpapers for iPad and iPhone.

Animated animal kingdom splash

The animal kingdom is a popular genre of both photographic and illustrated art. The selection today is an honor to the later. Hyperbole of animal emotion or just a play on their stereotypic behavior, the options below are both lively and solemn.

Although there is no particular reason for the selection this week, I must admit to having picked Donkey Kong Country back up on the old SNES. Certainly the splash image above was thought to be a good idea, based on my subconscious reexcitement for the furry fellow.
















Wallpapers of the week: Superbowl XLIX wallpapers for iPhone and iPad.

Super Bowl XLIX Wallpapers

The annual event where everyone in America acts like they loved football year round. For die hard fans, Super Bowl XLIX is the culmination of a destiny for their chosen team. After many Sundays and Mondays of ceaselessly cheering, the Super Bowl is a proving grounds for only the top two NFL teams.

In stark contrast, many more Americans crowd around the TV for plenty of beer, hot wings, nachos, beanie weenies, peanut butter filled pretzels, potato chips, and the commercials. Regardless of allegiance, millions of people will watch for some reason, even if they just happen to be in the same room for social purposes. To celebrate the madness, show your team spirit with these Superbowl XLIX wallpapers and cheer on your team in the comment section below.


After scouring the internet, it became apparent, there are no really ‘good’ iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Air resolution images for either the New England Patriots or Seahawks. Below are the few images I could find that were resolution appropriate. If you have a secret stash of great Super Bowl XLIX images, share with your friends in the comments.

Super Bowl XLIX Seahawks Patriots iPad Wallpaper


Seahawks Beer Pong preview


New England Patriots shots preview


Wallpapers of the week: Guardians of the Galaxy wallpapers.


Last week’s post of space galaxies proved to be a big hit! You can find additional galaxy themed wallpapers in the following posts:  stars and moons, and galaxy wallpapers. Moreover, our Interstellar movie inspired wallpapers are in the same theme.

Taking movie and galaxy themes to the next level, I asked readers to submit their favorite Guardians of the Galaxy wallpapers for iOS devices.


Regarding the size selection of the images below, they were submitted by readers. Because the following list was sourced by readers, only the sizes submitted are included. If you are looking for a specific device size, I encourage you to contact the submitter via Twitter. When collecting images from submissions, it is difficult to maintain a consistent file size because different readers collect wallpapers for their varied personal iOS devices.

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster iPad

Guardians of the Galaxy PosteriPadiPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Groot iPad

Groot and RocketiPadiPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6

Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill iPad

Peter QuilliPadiPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster no names iPad

Guardians of the Galaxy PosteriPadiPhone 5

Guardians of the Galaxy iPhone 5 preview moon Guardians of the Galaxy inspired iPhone 5 preview

Download for iPhone 5: LeftRight