Entry-level iPhone SE will have premium battery life

iPhone SE pricing

Apple’s new iPhone might be tiny, but its battery packs a mighty punch.

Early stress tests on the iPhone SE have revealed that battery life on the Apple’s new 4-inch device is actually better than the iPhone 6s as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

To see how well the new iPhone stacks up to its predecessors, Geoffrey Fowler at the Wall Street Journal put an iPhone SE review unit through a battery test and found that battery life has significantly improved from the previous model.

“In my lab stress test, which cycles through websites with uniform screen brightness, the SE lasted 10 hours—more than two hours longer than both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s, and nearly three hours longer than the Galaxy S7,” writes Fowler.

The iPhone SE’s simplified design is likely the reason why battery life is so good. The device’s 4-inch panel boasts an 1136×640 resolution which draws significantly less power than the 1334×750 screen found on the iPhone 6s. The lack of 3D Touch and other features also helps improve battery life, even though the iPhone SE has an A9 chip.

Pre-orders for the iPhone SE went up at 12:01AM this morning. Apple Stores will start selling the device on March 31st, with prices starting at $399 for the 32GB model and $499 for a 64GB unit.

Even in Low Power Mode, your iPhone 6 is still faster than the iPhone 5c.

Low Power Mode will still make your iPhone 6 more powerful than the 5c.

It’s no surprise that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s are significantly faster than the iPhone 5c. Yet, even with iOS 9’s Low Power Mode turned on, the newer phones still manage to make long strides over that plastic (yet colorful) contraption.

Geekbench released an update to its app today, adding support for iOS 9. Even though iOS 9 is still in beta, the new tools have already revealed some surprising facts about the iPhone 6. Upon running benchmarks on an iPhone 5c and iPhone 6 in low power mode, the tools show that the iPhone 6 is still more powerful that the 5c.

We ran the Geekbench performance benchmark on an iPhone 6 running iOS 9 beta 2 and got a single-score of 1602 and multi-core score of 2817. Then, after turning on Low Power Mode, I ran the same benchmark again. This time, the score was only 998 for single-core and 1667 for multi-core (higher is better). Notice that the multi-core score on Low Power Mode is almost the same as the single-core score during standard usage.


Low Power Mode is supposed to take the entire system down a notch so you have longer battery life (in addition turning off a few power-sucking features like Background App Refresh). The lower scores may look like a downer, but just compare them to the iPhone 5c and you’ll find that you’re using a device that’s still more powerful than Apple’s two-year old device.

Geekbench tests show a single-core score of just 687 for the iPhone 5c. Only the iPhone 5c’s multi-core score of 1242 is faster than the iPhone 6’s single-core score in Low Power ran the Geekbench benchmarks on an iPhone 6 Plus and got almost identical results: 1606 in regular mode and 1019 in Low Power Mode.

In Low Power Mode, Apple is clearly prioritizing making the most out of that last bit of power over browsing the web at lightning speed. Ultimately, whether the performance difference matters is entirely your call when that battery meter turns red.

FingerKey app lets you unlock your Mac using iPhone’s TouchID fingerprint sensor.

A new app called FingerKey allows Mac users to unlock their computer using Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s, 6, or 6 Plus. 

That means you’ll be able to login to your Mac using your iPhone’s fingerprint sensor rather than typing in a password each time. The app takes advantage of Apple opening up the Touch ID sensor to third-party apps for logins after previously being reserved for unlocking the device itself and authenticating App Store and iTunes purchases. 

The FingerKey app includes the ability to unlock multiple computers from a distance, 256-bit AES encryption, and a Notification Center Today widget for quick access. 

The developer says that support for logging into Windows and Linux computers is coming soon as is a Pattern Unlock feature for logging in via touchscreen gestures.

We recently wrote about a similar app, which also used a Bluetooth connection, that allowed users to unlock their Mac using by knocking on their iPhone’s screen. 

FingerKey is available on the App Store for $1.99 and the developer shared the video below of the app in action:

AT&T slashes $200 off iPad if you buy an iPhone.

iPad Air and iPad mini

Apple is about to make the iPhone 5s and 5c obsolete, but if you’re in the market for a brand new iPhone and need an iPad to go with it, then AT&T is ready to lure you in with a $200 discount on any iPad you want, as long as it has 4G.

To score the deal you must be willing to venture into an AT&T retail store to buy your iPhone 5s or 5c, but like any carrier deal, there are a few strings attached.

Customers will have to purchase their iPhone upgrade on AT&T’s NEXT installment plans, instead of just a two-year contract and subsidy. You also have to sign a two-year cellular contract for the iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G to get the discount. That makes the savings really more like $100-$130.

How much money you really stand to save depends on which type of plans you’re on, but for those eyeing the non-retina iPad mini, you can grab the 16GB cellular model for only $200, thanks to an additional discount from AT&T. The 16GB iPad Air will run you $329.

If you’ve been eying a new iPhone 5c the deal could be worth it, but with the iPhone 6 so close on the horizon, unless you’re really desperate you might want to at least wait and see what Apple announces on September 9th.

This gold Putin edition iPhone 5s will set you back a cool $4,360.


Unless someone’s *ahem* Putin us on, this 18-carat gold plated iPhone 5s featuring the visage of Russia’s controversial president is currently selling for around $4,363.

Called the Caviar iPhone 5s Supremo Putin, it is the work of luxury jewellery house Perla Penna, and is available only in Russia.

In addition to an etching of Vladimir Putin, the phone case is accompanied by the Russian coat of arms, along with the first two lines of the Russian national anthem.

“The most powerful person according to Forbes and Time – President Putin has come to symbolize the new generation, the leader of will and resolution,” says Perla Penna, describing the so-called Putinphone as the “best expression of patriotism.”

Putin is the latest in a series of iconic figures to wind up as etchings on luxury Perla Penna iPhones — with previous choices including Leonardo de Vinci, Mohammed Ali, and Steve Jobs.

Of course, given that the iPhone 6 is on its way, one wonders about the logic of shelling out more than $4,000 for a soon-to-be-superceded iPhone. Unless the Putin iPhone 5s decides to run another term that is.

Source: Cult of Mac.

iPhone 6 backlight panel gets leaked on Weibo.


A set of images of the iPhone 6’s alleged backlight panel have been leaked on the Chinese site Weibo this morning. User “顾Gooey” who posted the pictures claims they’re fit for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 that Apple is rumored to release later this year.

We can’t verify the legitimacy of the photos, but the part does appear to be produced similar to the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. However, Nowhereelse.fr notes that the connector has been moved slightly from the iPhone 5c backlight, and the pins are slightly different, signaling some possible changes from Cupertino.

Here’s another shot of the display from the back:


Earlier this year Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company has a host of new products it will launch throughout 2014, but with its first keynote of the year nearly a week away, Apple followers have been left with a dearth of new Apple toys, fueling the thirst for solid info.

The iPhone 6 isn’t expected to launch until this fall but a multitude of leaks have sprung out of China, flashing glimpses of the iPhone 6’s larger front panel, beefier battery, and possibly the very schematics Foxconn will use to build it.

Weibo has even dropped a few iOS 8 screenshots that reveal what Apple has in store for developers when Tim Cook takes the stage at Moscone West on June 2nd at 10am. We’re not expecting a new iPhone announcement, but Cult of Mac will be on hand to liveblog the entire event and frothing with anticipation for all the details.

Read more at http://www.cultofmac.com/280657/weibo-leaks-first-shot-iphone-6-4-7-inch-display/#UhtxgYEPOCdmyqFT.99 

Source: Cult of Mac.

Apple Predicted to Adopt NFC in iPhone 6 as Core Technology for Mobile Payments System.

nfc_logoRumors of Apple incorporating near field communication (NFC) technology into the iPhone have become a yearly ritual, but Morgan Stanley analysts believe that Apple may finally be poised to adopt the technology as part of a push to break open the mobile payments industry. In a recent note to investors, analyst Craig Hettenbach points to possible licensing deals, company financial disclosures and patent filings as the basis for this claim. 

Morgan Stanley believes NFC is ready to take off, and Apple could be the force that drives its widespread commercial adoption. Though Apple has been publicly silent on NFC and has in fact pursued alternative technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for short-range communication features like AirDrop and iBeacons, there is little doubt the company is exploring this short-range wireless technology. A recent patent application describes a secure, NFC-based wallet that allows customers to make purchases wirelessly through their phone, and Apple is in the process of updating its in-store point-of-sale system with one that supports NFC. 

According to Morgan Stanley, Apple is choosing NFC as the key technology for its mobile payments system, with semiconductor company NXP likely providing the necessary wireless hardware. NXP has an existing relationship with Apple, supplying the M7 motion-sensing chip found in the iPhone 5s.

NXP is well positioned to participate in Apple’s mobile payments ecosystem. The company signed a licensing agreement with a customer in Q4’13, who we believe is Apple, rexlated to its emerging ID business. A recent patent filing by Apple revealed potential use of NFC and secure element, which we think could be embedded. NXP has also accelerated R&D spend to support a new program related to the IP deal, with revenue expected in 2H, lining up well with the launch of iPhone 6. We see this potentially adding $250mn in sales and EPS of $0.25 in 2015.

A number of rumors have suggested Apple is actively working on a mobile payments system, with Eddy Cue allegedly approaching retailers about the company’s desire to handle payments in retail stores and elsewhere and longtime online store executive Jennifer Bailey shifting role to oversee the payments initiative. While stopping short of confirming mobile payments, CEO Tim Cook also admitted during a recent earnings conference call that mobile payments were “one of the thoughts behind Touch ID.” 

Morgan Stanley is certainly not the only source to be sharing rumors of NFC support for the iPhone 6, with citing its own sources earlier this month and high-profile KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo making his own claims last month.

Source: Mac Rumors.