Wallpapers of the week: simple geometry

geometry wallpaper kiwimanjaro splash

In our continuing Wallpapers of the Week series, geometric walls have been a continued success. Popularly determined by traffic and social shares, previous geometry based wallpapers are crowd pleasers. In today’s section we dive a little further into the genre, hopefully to your delight!

Inside, you will find a collection of five new wallpapers. Step past the fold for the download. 

Geometry wallpaper

geometry wallpaper kiwimanjaro 5


geometry wallpaper kiwimanjaro 4


geometry wallpaper kiwimanjaro 2


geometry wallpaper kiwimanjaro 1


geometry wallpaper kiwimanjaro 3


Wallpapers of the week: fog

Fog iphone wallpaper splash

In our continued Wallpapers of the Week series, top quality images are gathered and posted for our readership. The collections range in theme from arbitrary, to pop culture, nature, and CGI geometric shapes. Changing one’s wallpapers, stands as one of the easiest ways to customize your device without jailbreaking. However, the Pangu team did just release an updated jailbreak for devices running iOS 9.3.3.


Fog iphone wallpaper 1


Fog iphone wallpaper 2


Fog iphone wallpaper 3



Fog iphone wallpaper 5


Fog iphone wallpaper 6


Geometric wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Geometry splash wallpaper

As the title suggests, the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection is refreshed each week, on Sundays. Ranging from pop culture to space images, the wallpaper collection has been growing for a couple years. One of the most commonly popular post-categories is geometric shapes.

Take a step below to download a new collection of geometrically based images for iPhone and iPad.

Geometric wallpapers


DownloadiPad (including Pro); iPhone


DownloadiPad (including Pro); iPhone


DownloadiPad (including Pro); iPhone


DownloadiPad (including Pro); iPhone


DownloadiPad (including Pro); iPhone


DownloadiPad (including Pro); iPhone


Wallpapers inspired by the watchOS 3 Breathe app

Breathe app

Since WWDC 2016, we created a series of wallpapers featuring the iOS 10 and macOS wallpapers. Also, wallpapers inspired by other features of the new operating systems posted across the last couple weeks. Today will be another set in the same series.

A new feature of watch OS 3 is the Breathe app. The idea is another step in the increased health functionality of Apple’s latest offering. According to Apple’s keynote, breathing deeply several times per day provides decreased stress levels. An interactive watch app, along with a guiding lotus-like image encourages deep breathing at intervals throughout the day. Check out these wallpapers inspired by the new app for iPhone, iPad, and desktop. 

watchOS 3 Breathe app wallpapers

Breathe app wallpaper splash 2

Download via AxineniPhoneiPad (including Pro); desktop (2880 x 1800)

Breathe app wallpaper splash

Download via Kiwimanjaro: “Heavy Breathing;” “Light Breathing

Wallpapers inspired by iOS 10 and the new Home app

iOS 10 home app wallpaper splash kiwimanjaro

Last week, Apple announced new operating systems for all its hardware: desktop; phone and tablet; watch; and set top box. With thew new macOS and iOS systems, new wallpapers were included and we excitedly launched them a mere hour after the announcement.

Today, we highlight several wallpapers that were inspired by or variations of the new stock iOS 10 images. Additionally, there is a copy of the new Home app wallpaper, both red and green versions for your viewing pleasure. Step inside for your downloads.

iOS 10 inspired wallpapers

iOS 10 Wallpaper inspired kiwimanjaro splash

Downloadgradienttextured gradientnoise textured gradient

iOS 10 splash icon wallpaper kiwimanjaro

DownloadiOS 10 gradient

iOS 10 Home app wallpapers kiwimanjaro

Download Home.app wallpapersredgreen

Gamecenter iphone wallpaper kiwimanjaro

To remember the Game Center good times, downloaddarklight

Previous wallpapers

iOS 10 Wallpaper iDownloadBlog splash

Download the iOS 10 wallpaperJune 13, 2016

macOS Sierra wallpaper splash idownloadblog


Even more great WWDC 2016 wallpapers

WWDC 2016 code wallpapers

On WWDC 2016 eve, many rumors are piling up about tomorrow’s event. We covered a full round up of expectations to get you reading for the big day. Personally, I’m most excited about what a new watchOS could bring to the wrist. My fingers are crossed for a watch face library that can be submitted by independent designers and developers. A little more control over the complications would be great!

WWDC 2016 wallpapers


DownloadApple WatchiPhoneiPaddesktop (2560 x 1600)

The following set of wallpapers comes from long time iDB favorite, @AR72014. Find your iPhone and Apple Watch versions below


Download “Hello:” iPhoneApple Watch

Download Date: iPhoneApple Watch

Download “WWDC:” iPhoneApple Watch

Previous posts

Apple WWDC 2016 wallpaper Matt Bonney splash image

VisitJune 5, 2016

AR72014 WWDC Wallpaper 2016


Retro Apple Logo WWDC 2016 wallpapers

Apple WWDC 2016 wallpaper Matt Bonney splash image

Every Sunday, we utilize the Wallpapers of the Week section to highlight great background-worthy pictures and images. Whenever Apple hosts a media event, the Internet lights up with invitation-inspired graphics, that often make excellent wallpapers.

Apple used a retro looking script based invitation for the upcoming WWDC event, leading pundits to assume the event may only contain software updates. Inside you will find wallpapers, for iPhone, iPad, and desktop, that pay homage to the upcoming event.

Apple WWDC wallpapers

Apple WWDC 2016 wallpaper Matt Bonney preview-iphone-angle-light

Download light versioniPhoneiPad (including 12.9″ Pro); desktop (2560 x 1440)

Apple WWDC 2016 wallpaper Matt Bonney preview-iphone-angle

Download dark versioniPhoneiPad (including 12.9″ Pro); desktop (2560 x 1440)

Matt Bonney Retro apple logo for WWDC 2016

Download retro Apple logofull resolution .png

The following images were also inspired by the new WWDC invitation. A very cool representation of the Siri bands would make a great Lock screen option. It is hoped there will be major improvements to Siri during the developer’s conference, including an API.

Apple WWDC 2016 Wallpaper Bryan Mortensen iPhone Siri band splash


Apple WWDC 2016 Wallpaper Bryan Mortensen iPhone script splash