iOS 9.3 Release Could Mean Jailbreak Tool Will Be Delayed

In a somewhat surprise move, iOS 9.3 was released by Apple into beta testing yesterday and this could spell trouble for those waiting for a jailbreak tool. I say surprise as the new version’s predecessor, iOS 9.2.1 is still in beta testing too, which means that two versions of iOS are now in beta, waiting to replace iOS 9.2. For your average Apple iOS device user, this isn’t a problem, even if they’re released within a week of each other.

However, for those wanting to take advantage of a possible release that was slated for iOS 9.2.1 (we actually know iOS 9.2.1 has already been jailbroken, but no public tool exists) in the coming weeks, the release of iOS 9.3 into beta testing massively complicates the issue. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it now means that a major update of iOS is now in the wild and jailbreaking teams will likely want to release a tool for it, rather than the intermediate iOS 9.2.1, which went to beta on 17th December, especially as iOS 9.3 includes some nifty new features such as Night Shift and updates to 3D Touch.

night shift

This is due to the fact that iOS 9.3 includes some nifty new features such as Night Shift and updates to 3D Touch. The latter will only be of use to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but Night Shift as well as some of the other new features and tweaks in iOS 9.3 will definitely be useful to jailbreakers with older devices.

As well as having a jailbreak for the latest version of iOS, there’s one other reason that jailbreaking teams may hold off on releasing a tool and skipping iOS 9.2.1 altogether. The likelihood is that as soon as the tool is released, Apple will patch the exploits it uses. If the teams release an update for iOS 9.2.1, it could introduce a patch into iOS 9.3 and bring forward its release to essentially kill the jailbreak for a lot of people.

tool 1
There are ways around this of course, as Apple may keep signing new installs of iOS 9.2.1 allowing some users on older versions to upgrade and jailbreak, avoiding the locked-down iOS 9.3, but the fact the latter has already gone into beta means that if a tool is released for iOS 9.2.1, there may be a very limited windows to go through the usual method of jailbreaking. This could also apply to downgrading from iOS 9.3 to iOS 9.2.1 if necessary, as people did from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 with the Pangu jailbreak last year.

Tweaks of the week: FutureLock, MusicScroller, SimpleReach, and more.

Cydia Home iPhone 6

Another interesting week for the jailbreak community. Despite the reports of thousands of iCloud account being compromised by some shady jailbreak tweaks installed from some shady repos you’ve probably never heard of, we’ve seen some good tweaks being released in Cydia.

In case you don’t want to scroll through dozens and dozens of packages, we round up all the new jailbreak tweaks that appeared this week on Cydia.

BootLogoCustomizer: changes the color of your boot logo ($1 )

Bragi: redesigned music controls for Control Center and Reachability ($1)

CCMore: adds more features to Control Center ($1.99)

Docker: doubles the capacity of your iPhone’s dock ($1.99)

Fast Freeze: an Activator action that freezes running apps in memory ($1)

FullResShare: allows you to attache full resolution album artworks for shared songs (free)

FutureLock: drastically enhances the Lock screen with various features ($2.50)

GrabKiller: lets you tap the Control Center grabber to kill all apps in the switcher (free)

Mezode: changes the Messages top bar color to the type of message you’re sending (free)

MusicScroller: adds a pop-up alphabet indicator to the Music app (free)

MusicTransport: sends music or sound effects over phone calls ($2.99)

NoUpdateAll: removes the Update All button in the App Store app (free)

PowerColor: brings custom color gradients to the iOS battery indicator (free)

PulseVolumeAlert: makes a vibration when you listen to music with headphones too loud (free)

QuickSwipe: lets you swipe to dismiss videos in Safari (free)

Rotary Lock: a combination lock for the Lock screen ($0.99)

Sentinel: an extension that gives you more control about numbers you block ($2.99)

SimpleReach: makes Reachability better ($0.99)

SmartClose: puts your app in deep freeze without unloading them (free)

TranslateMe: translate text with ActionMenu (free)

WGradRemover: gets rid of the wallpaper gradient overlay shadow (free)

Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad with TaiG before its too late – iOS Hacker.

iOS 8.4 jailbreak 1

TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.3 has already been released. The jailbreak supports all devices running iOS 8.1.3 up to iOS 8.3 and after the release of the updated Cydia Substrate, works flawlessly. Many users who were taken aback by the initial drama that followed the release of TaiG 2.0 decided not to jailbreak their device until the dust settles and a stable version of the tool is available. If you are part of that group then now is the best time to finally jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

There’s another reason why you should jailbreak your iOS device right now. TaiG tool was released just a week before the expected release date of iOS 8.4. This new software update that is going to bring new Music app to all devices will be released on or before July 30th, which is the official launch date of Apple’s music streaming service. TaiG in its current form cannot jailbreak iOS 8.4 and no one is sure whether the tool will be capable of jailbreaking final version of iOS 8.4 at all.

If that’s the case, then TaiG team will need to do a lot of work in order to add support for iOS 8.4, which means iOS 8.4 jailbreak can take weeks or even months before it is ready to be used by public.

Once Apple has released the software update it will stop signing older versions of iOS. If you are stuck on an older version of the operating system or trying out iOS 9 beta, then you will no longer be able to install iOS 8.3 on your device and jailbreak it using TaiG.

TaiG jailbreak now available for iOS 8.3 – but Substrate and MS tweaks not yet working.


TaiG has released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.3 – but Cydia Substrate isn’t yet working, meaning that many third-party add-ons won’t run. MS Tweaks likewise don’t work at present.

The release notes suggest that the jailbreak installation may take several attempts.

If jailbreak failed, turn off WIFI and try again. If failed again, please use TaiG Pro to restore and try to jailbreak again.

If you’re not yet running iOS 8.3, TaiG Pro allows you to perform the upgrade as part of the data backup process …

At present, the jailbreak requires a Windows PC. You can download the jailbreak from the TaiG website, and find the tutorial here.

If you want to open up your watch as well as your phone, three well-known developers recently managed to hack the Apple Watch to run truly native apps on the device.

As always, jailbreaking is at your own risk and is something Apple frowns upon

The iOS 8.3 jailbreak could be a long time coming.

The iOS 8.3 jailbreak could be a long time coming. Photo: Redmond Pie

You probably knew this already, but if you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, don’t upgrade to iOS 8.3. Not only does it break existing jailbreaks, but it patches a huge number of security holes in the operating system, making an iOS 8.3 jailbreak farther off than ever.

As pointed out on Twitter by iOS jailbreak superstar MuscleNerd, the latest iOS 8.3 update comntains a staggering 39 security fixes. That, for the record, is about as many security fixes Apple made between iOS 7 and iOS 8.

It’s actually a huge accomplishment on Apple part. When iOS 8 was released, it could be jailbroken almost immediately. Jailbreakers kept up with Apple’s patches right up to iOS 8.1.2, but iOS 8.1.3 represented the first big stumbling block for jailbreakers trying to get around Apple’s defenses.

iOS 8.3 looks about as strong from a security standpoint as any version of iOS 8 ever. It even patches a vulnerability used by the TaiG Jailbreak Team, which many were hoping would result in a speedy iOS 8.3 jailbreak. (As a slight consolation prize, Apple credited the TaiG team for finding the bug in their support notes).

TaiG Issues Update On iOS 8.2 Jailbreak.


There has been a lot of speculation recently about the status of iOS 8.2 jailbreak. Rumors about a release have been circulating as well but no tool has been released as yet by TaiG, the team that was behind the iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak. It was even rumored at one point that TaiG would release the iOS 8.2 jailbreak at the 2015 Mobile Security Summit it organized in Beijing, China. Now the team itself has issued an official status update for the much awaited jailbreak.

Popular jailbreak developers Comex, Chronic, P0sixninja and Pimskeks were all in attendance at the 2015 Mobile Security Summit. Comex did confirm yesterday that TaiG did not release an iOS 8.2 jailbreak at the summit as rumored.

In its official response the TaiG team says that while it’s working to release the iOS 8.2 jailbreak tool as soon as possible, it didn’t release anything at the Mobile Security Summit on March 27th. “Any information outside of TaiG Jailbreak Team official news channel should not be trusted,” the team says.

People who are searching for this tool should now keep in mind that there hasn’t been an official release. If you do come across some website claiming to have the tool it’s probably going to be malware. Best to stay away from it.

We’ll definitely update you when TaiG finally releases the iOS 8.2 jailbreak tool.

So long, iOS 8 jailbreak: Apple stops signing iOS 8.1.2.

So long, iOS 8 jailbreak. Photo: Redmond Pie

Bad news, jailbreakers. Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.1.2, the last jailbreakable version of the iOS 8 operating system. That means that unless you already have iOS 8.1.2 installed, you won’t be able to jailbreak using existing methods until another exploit comes down the pipeline.

If you’re not familiar with ‘signing’, it’s basically a technique Apple uses to tell iTunes, iPhones, and iPads that a version of iOS is up-to-date. Think of it as something similar to the expiration data on the side of a carton of milk: when Apple stops signing a version of iOS, it’s effectively saying it has expired.

A few weeks ago, Apple released iOS 8.1.3, in which they thanked jailbreakers for helping them patch a hole that made jailbreaking possible. However, iOS 8.1.2 was signed up until yesterday, allowing jailbreaking to continue. But the expiration date has finally come down.

Here’s how the game of iOS cat-and-mouse jailbreak works. A team releases a working jailbreak for the most recent version of iOS to the public. Apple moves to eliminate the exploit that made the last jailbreak possible, releases a new version of iOS, and eventually stops ‘signing’ previous jailbreakable versions of iOS, meaning they can no longer be installed on devices. Rinse and repeat.