LifeCharge JuicyPACK Offers Best of Both Worlds.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Great on their own, but even better together. That appears to be the concept behind the JuicyPACK from LifeCharge ($59.99). I’ve written about LifeCharge’s iPhone cases, but I was pleased to see that they also make a stand for iPads. They also make a battery pack for iPads. Actually, it’s the same thing.

The JuicyPACK is a combination power pack and tablet stand that contorts to numerous positions. This makes it great for plane, bus, or train traveling, and watching videos when power might be unavailable. It’s also nice for tradeshows where power is either hard to find or expensive to order.


The JuicyPACK offers a whopping 7,800 mAh of power, and has a 2.1 Amp port for iPads as well as a traditional 1 Amp port for phones and lower-powered devices. When not being used as a stand, the device collapsed back onto itself, so that’s convenient. Speaking of convenience, the power button can also toggle a basic single LED flashlight as well, which is helpful.