BassNation introduces BlackBox audio system.

BassNation BlackBox

1.) I’ll take BassNation over Rhythm Nation any day of the week, but only because I’m a bigger fan of Chris Squire than I am of Janet Jackson. 2.) If I’m going to be playing my music through an audio system, it may as well be one that can survive a plane crash, right? BassNation Audio’s BlackBox is an all-wood audio speaker system aimed at music enthusiasts, but not quite at a music enthusiast price.

The BlackBox comes with a built-in digital amplifier that turns any music source with an audio output jack into a loud and clear audio system with its simple plug and play set-up. This means no dock for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, but you can connect them via their headphone jack. And, of course, it’s also compatible with other MP3 players, computers, gaming consoles/handhelds, and more.

The Electronic Industry Association (EIA), recently reported TV Sound Bars and iPhone docking speakers are the hottest growth category in consumer audio with an estimated 30% annual growth rate. BlackBox fits both applications as it is flexible, compact, portable and can be used everywhere—from dorm rooms, studios, DJ’s, home theater and more!

The BlackBox is available now for $295.00. For more information, visit

Source: AppleTell.