NFL Mobile updated for 2014 Season with new Fantasy Football features, NFL Now integration.

NFL Mobile

The NFL today updated its NFL Mobile app for the upcoming 2014-2015 football season. The app allows you to watch live games, receive up-to-the minute NFL game scores and follow the latest football action from your iPhone and iPad.

The latest update brings the app to version 11.1.0 includes the following new features:

  • Integration of NFL Now national and personalized video feeds
  • Live stream of “Fantasy Live” now available for all users
  • Ability to share articles and VOD via Facebook and Twitter
  • Additional social content added to News section
  • Access to NFL Network Schedule
  • Optimization to reduce app crashes

The NFL sweetened the deal for Verizon customers — offering free live video of local Sunday CBS and FOX games for MORE Everything AND Premium customers. Verizon MORE Everything customers also now have the option to upgrade to NFL RedZone content for $1.99 per month.

The NFL Mobile app is available for free from the iOS App Store and includes in-app purchases for a month-by-month subscription or premium Season Pass access. NFL fans looking for a more personalized experience with customized video streams and no Verizon Wireless integration should look at the NFL’s newest NFL Now app.

Wake Up Time alarm is a simple, effective desktop companion as long as its awake.

Wake Up Time

Wake Up Time from Rocky Sand is a desktop alarm clock that’ll work like a charm as long as your Mac is awake. The app is a simple alarm clock with a handful of pleasing alarm sounds that range from “wake me up now” to “what a pleasant sound to snooze along with.”

The app has simple controls with a side drawer that you can drag or double-click to open. Set the alarm time, the sound settings and get back to work. The app has a few customizations options that allow you to set the snooze length, switch to 24-hour time, and add custom alarm sounds. You also can change clock faces, if you are using the paid version.

Wake Up Time

Performance of Wake Up Time is stellar, but it has one drawback that requires mentioning. Without fail, the alarm went off as long as my Mac was awake, but when my Mac went to sleep, so did Wake Up Time alarm. Rocky Sand is aware of this limitation and has provided a helper app that’ll allow Wake Up Time to wake up your Mac from sleep under certain circumstances.

Wake Up Time is available from the Mac App Store in two versions — a free one with a single clock face and a paid version (US$1.99) that includes extras like optional clock faces.

Bem Wireless Speaker Band is wearable fun: A TUAW Video Review.

Everybody is getting on the wearable tech bandwagon these days, so it’s not surprising that audio accessory manufacturer Bem Wireless decided to create the Speaker Band (US$49.99). It’s a Bluetooth speaker that just happens to reside on your wrist, and it comes in six fun colors. And if you’re someone who has always wanted a Dick Tracy Wrist Radio, your ship has just come in. We’re also giving one away, so be sure to fill out the giveaway form at the end of this post.


  • 6 hours of talk time on a single charge
  • Works with Siri, acts as a speakerphone, and has spoken caller ID
  • Comfortable silicone wrist strap
  • Charges through USB to micro-USB cable (included)
  • Includes play/pause, answer, skip and reverse buttons
  • Weight: 2.0 ounces (56.7 grams)


OK, so it’s not a Pebble watch or the mythical iWatch, but the Speaker Band provides is solid audio functionality without a big price tag. Bem Wireless should be commended for providing an inexpensive, fun, and usable iPhone accessory that anyone can afford and use.

Weekend App: Doughbot brings you to donuts when you need them most.


Doughbot is a clever new app with a singular purpose in mind — to get you donuts when you need them the most. The app uses your location and displays the nearest donut shops either in a list or on a map.

The app pulls its donut shop listings using data from Yelp, Yahoo and Instagram, providing you with directions as well contact information and reviews. With just a few taps, you can read what others have to say about the donut shop and view an overview map with highlighted driving directions to the store.


Doughbot is only as good as its donut shop listings, which, unfortunately, were variable for me. The app worked superbly in cities, but was spotty in the rural area in which I live. I tested the app in two nearby cities, Portland and Lewiston, Maine, and had an abundance of donut shops from which to choose. In my rural hometown, though, the app did not pick up the local Dunkin Donuts or Tim Hortons, directing me instead to a location that was a few towns over.


Doughbot is useful for the city dweller or traveler who wants to find donuts at a moment’s notice. The app is easy to use, provides all the contact information you need to use to hunt down donuts and throws in some reviews so you can avoid clunkers that are selling stale wares.

You can download Doughbot from the iOS App Store for 99 cents.

Jump and Chump your way to leaderboard stardom in Jump! Chump!

Jump! Chump! is a simple game with challenging yet addictive mechanics a la Flappy Bird. As listed in its app description, the game has three features which are Jumping, Chumping and online leaderboards.

You play the game with two block characters with one seated at the top half of the screen and the other placed on the bottom half. The characters remains stationary while enemies come at them from both directions. You must jump the character on top by tapping on the top of the screen to avoid the enemies above the line, and tap the bottom of the screen to make your character chump to avoid the enemies below the line. Sometimes enemies come at the same time in both directions forcing you to jump and chump at the same time.

Once you get hit by an enemy, the game is over and the time you stayed alive is recorded as your score. An online leaderboard through GameCenter keeps track of your achievements. Jump! Chump! is easy enough that you can learn how to play in 30 seconds, but challenging enough that you will keep coming back for more

Jump! Chump! is available for free in the iOS App Store. The game is compatible with the iPad and iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or later. There are small ads at the top that don’t interfere with game play and there are no in-app purchases.

Weekend App: viaProtect will give you some strong hints about your iPhone’s security status.

viaProtect is a free app that will take a look at where your iPhone data is going, and where it is coming from. The app also says it can point you to apps that tend to leak data or are otherwise insecure. The app will look at what is being encrypted from your device, and finally, it will provide a risk profile for your iPhone.

You can register your device with viaForensics, the developer of the app, or use it without registration. If you register, you can have web access to some of your device statistics.

The main screen of the app is called the dashboard. After a minute or so of analysis you’ll get a risk score for your phone. I got a minimal at risk rating (thankfully) and I could see that my data was going to the continental U.S. The app also runs some background processes to give reports on SSL certificates, any processes that are running, a DNS resolver, and a report on network connections. The app uses GPS for some of its analysis, so it may impact battery life.

viaProtect won’t solve your security problems, but it will certainly give you a heads up about what is going on with your iPhone and let you take steps to stop any potential security or privacy problems. The company behind the app, viaForensics has been providing mobile security apps and assessing risks for many large companies and providing best practices to keep company information secure.

viaProtect is not a universal app. It’s designed for the iPhone, although it will run on any iDevice that has iOS 6 or later. It is optimized for the iPhone 5.

Bills Forecast is a new forecasting tool for your personal and business finances.

Bills Forecast

Similar to a weather forecast that gives you a snapshot of the future weather, Bills Forecast from Minus 4 Degrees provides you with an overview of your financials for the next 12 months.

Bills Forecast is a budgeting app that lets you log your bills and see how your expenses fluctuate each month. To get the best financial profile, you will need to enter in all your bills, not just the recurring monthly bills that are always the same. By entering in once off expenses like repairs, taxes and car registrations, you can view an overview of your future finances. It’ll help you budget by allowing you to save in the months that your bills are low and dip into savings during those months when your expenses are high.

Entering your bills is very easy. Just tap the big “+” button in the bottom tool bar and fill in all the details on the bill entry screen. The app allows you to assign a category to a bill and make it recurring. You also can add the bill to your default iOS calendar so you have a reminder of when it is due. If you decide not to use the calendar feature, the Bills Forecast app will send you a push notification when an expense is due. You’ll also receive notifications with a weekly and monthly summary of your expenses.

Bills Forecast

The app has four main views — the main screen that shows the summary of your bills each month, a monthly detail screen that lists your bills for that specific month, a graph overview that shows your bills for the next 12 months and a “Next 14 days” view that lists your bills in the next 14 days.

Bills Forecast look at your monthly bills for the next year and uses color to show you the relative amount of expenses you have each month. A month that is has very few expenses is shown in blue, while a month that is high is shown in red. A medium expense month is green. Months are also labeled as “Low”, “Med” or “High”, allowing you to see where each month falls on this scale with just a quick glance.

Bills Forecast

Keep in mind when you are using Bills Forecast that it is not a bill tracker that shows you which bills you’ve paid and which ones are still due. It is a forecast and bill reminder tool only and is best used for estimating your budget. That being said, the ability to track your bills as you pay them would be a feature that I would love to see in a future version of the app.

Bills Forecast is available for $1.99 in the iOS App Store. It’s compatible with the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or later. There are no ads and no in-app purchases.