Did Marc Newson design the iPhone 5c case?

Do these sneakers look a lot like the iPhone 5c case to you? Photo: Nike

Nike is re-releasing the Zvezdochka, a line of space-inspired sneakers first designed for the company 10 years ago by Marc Newson, Jony Ive’s BFF and Apple’s newest star designer.

Notice anything about them? Yup. They look just like the iPhone 5c case. Got to make you wonder if the iPhone 5c case was designed by Newson, don’t you think?

Looks familiar, right? Photo: Apple

In a piece I wrote over at Co.Design, I point out the resemblance:

To my mind, the shoes look nearly identical to Apple’s iPhone 5c case. Which is interesting, because it makes me wonder if Newson quietly designed the iPhone 5c case for Apple over a year before it was announced that he’d be joining Apple’s design team. In an interview with Dezeen, Newson says that this “particular shoe has spawned a lot of other interesting concepts.” Maybe the iPhone 5c case was one of them?

I actually think it’s more than likely that Newson did design the iPhone 5c case for Apple. When it was unveiled last year, the aesthetic was just completely different from Apple’s, yet it conforms to a design language — first adopted by Newson with the Zvezdochkas for Nike — that Newson has returned to again and again.

Nike+ Running iPhone app gets new ‘Nike+ Coach’ feature w/ daily training programs & coaching tips.

The Nike+ Running iPhone app, which allows runners to their progress & goals using the iPhone’s built-in GPS and accelerometer, was updated today with a new feature dubbed ‘Nike+ Coach’.

The new feature allows users to select from various training programs that range in difficulty and receive daily workouts, reminders, and coaching tips. The training programs include options for“beginners, intermediate, and advanced training levels” and let users set goals for 5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon distances.

What’s New in Version 4.5.0

Take on your next running goal and never look back. Whether you’re looking to take on your first 5K or smash your marathon PR, Nike+ Coach comes equipped with training programs, coaching tips, and daily workouts to get you race-ready.
· Set your sights on the 5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon distances.
· Choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced training levels.
· Get daily run reminders to stay motivated.
· Track your progress and see what’s coming up next in your training.

Version 4.5.0 of the free Nike+ Running app for iPhone is available on the App Store now.

Source: 9to5Mac.

Nike+ FuelBand app updated with sleep tracking, calibration.

Nike+ FuelBand app updated with sleep tracking, calibration

Nike has updated the Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS, the app designed to work with Nike’s wildly popular wristband activity tracker and fitness monitor.

New to the 2.1 release is the ability to track when and how long you sleep – the information is recorded on Nike+ Sessions. You can also calibrate your Cycling, Yoga and Training sessions after your workout. You can also now more easily cheer a friend when they share a session to a Group. Bug fixes and other improvements have also been made.

Owners of the older Nike Fuelband will get some new features come November 6.

Nike is preparing to drop the updated Fuelband SE on November 6, and according to a new report owners of the older model will be able to enjoy some of the new features from the SE. Stuart Miles at Pocket-Lint:

Nike has confirmed that the older Fuelband will get the new better algorithms, and double tap to tell the time, as well as sessions support via the app rather than the band.

Sessions let users see how much Fuel they are getting per minute to better help them understand what activities work best.

Sadly, due to the lack of Bluetooth LE in the older model, some features won’t be available such as the new hourly alerts encouraging you to be more active. When the firmware update is available, a simple download and install by plugging your Fuelband into your computer is all that should be required.

Source: iMore.

The iWatch Comes To Life In This Awesome Concept GIF.


Over the past couple of months we’ve seen tons of concept designers dream up ideas of what Apple’s smartwatch might look like, but this concept iWatch GIF by Thomas Bogner is one of the best ideas we’ve seen yet.

Bogner admits his concept is “basically like the bastard child of a Fuel Band and an iPhone,” but we think it looks like it’d be easy to use and comfortable to wear while looking gorgeously hi-tech with those smooth transitions.

Tim Cook has sat on Nike’s board of directors since 2005, and it’s been rumored that Jony Ive’s design team studied Nike watches while working the iWatch. Maybe it’s not totally crazy to think Apple could borrow a few design cues from Nike, although the screen is really too narrow to be useful for emailing, texting, or anything really useful.

Source: Cult of Mac.

Nike announces new iPhone-ready Fuelband SE.

Nike+ Fuelband SE

Fitness fans, this one’s for you. Nike revealed the new Fuelband SE at Nike+ event in New York City. Coming in a variety of highlight colors, the device is meant to get users up and moving. The water-resistant device features Bluetooth 4.0 for low-power connectivity, improved LEDs and a re-designed circuit board for greater flexibility.

But it’s not about design, it’s about moving. The Fuelband SE can now monitor yoga activity, if stretching on a mat is your thing, and other motivational features like “3.2.1 Go! Sessions,” which let you pick a specific physical activity and monitor your progress towards that goal.

Those interested in the wearable fitness trainer can expect to drop $US149 for the privilege. The Nike+ Fuelband SE will ship to select countries on November 6.

Source: TUAW.

Apple reportedly hires Nike design director Ben Shaffer to work on wearable devices.


At this point, it’s no secret that Apple is profoundly interested in wearable devices, with many rumors pegging a new “iWatch” product to be unveiled in the near future. To that end, it looks like the company has tapped one of the best in the business for the wearable category: 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple has hired Nike’s Ben Shaffer, the studio director for the company’s “Innovation Kitchen.” Under Shaffer, a Nike employee since 2011, the Innovation Kitchen brought forth the successful Fuelband fitness trackeras well as an unusual, lightweight running shoe called the Flyknit. Under his leadership, Nike was recently named the most innovative company of 2013 by Fast Company.

9to5Mac posits that Shaffer will use his experience with the Fuelband to implement some fitness-tracking options in Apple’s future wearable device, though at this point there’s no official word on what Shaffer will be doing at Apple. It’s also near-certain that if Apple does introduce a wearable device this year, it likely will have little or no influence from the company’s new hire. However, a recent report indicated that Apple might not release such a device until 2014, which means there may be time for Shaffer to exert his influence on the company’s entry into the market. If the rumor of Shaffer’s hire is correct, it appears he’ll join fitness consultant Jay Blahnik, another former member of Nike’s Fuelband team.

Source:  The Verge.