Apple Store employees file lawsuit over security searches.

Two former Apple Store employees have filed a lawsuit against Apple over claims that they were not paid whilst undergoing security searches at work.

Apple store employees must submit to a personal package and bag search when clocking out for a break and at the end of every shift. The searches can take up to 15 minutes.

Apple Store

One of the employees involved claims to have worked between 50 -90 minutes of unpaid overtime each shift. That could be worth $1,400 in uncompensated hours. The lawsuit is looking to end this practice, whilst seeking compensation for all employees who may also have been forced to work uncompensated overtime.

The lawsuit covers:  “[a]ll Apple Hourly Employees who worked in an Apple, Inc. retail store in the United States, who are or were employed within the three years preceding the filing of this action by the Defendant, and who were: (a) not compensated for off-the-clock time spent waiting in security screening lines and undergoing personal package and bag searches before being allowed to leave the premises; and/or (b) were not fully compensated for this time worked over forty hours per week at overtime rates.”

Because this is a class action lawsuit, it covers all Apple store employees. It will be really interesting to see whether the lawsuit does indeed fall upon a legitimate claim, because Apple may well have to pay out a fairly substantial sum of money in order to compensate for unpaid hours.

Source: TodaysiPhone.

VLC is coming back to the App Store after a 2 year absence.


After nearly 2 years of VLC being absent from the App Store, it is making its return. To be included in the new, remade and rebuilt version of the application are features like Wi-Fi uploads to allow you to get media from your computer to your device faster. Those of you that have been missing the application can look shortly for it in the App Store. Currently I’m seeing contradicting reports, however, with some saying it will be available shortly and then some saying it will in the App Store tomorrow, July 19th. Nonetheless, it’s coming back. According to MacStories, who got some hands on time with the new app, it should be familiar to those that used to use it:

I’ve been able to test the new VLC for iOS for the past few weeks, and, in terms of visual appearances, the app isn’t too dissimilar from the old version that was available on the App Store in 2010. A main screen lists all your media with thumbnail previews, and you can tap on an item to start playback in a full-screen media player. However, in spite of a UI reminiscent of the old version, VLC has been completely rewritten to use modern audio and video output modules, multi-core decoding, and support for any file type supported by VLC on the desktop. In my tests, the app was able to quickly start playing any video file that I threw at it, such as .mp4 and .mkv files.

If you are interested, keep your eye on the App Store for anything.

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Microsoft releases native Outlook Web App for iOS.

Microsoft has released its native Outlook Web App for both the iPhone and the iPad.

The app, titled OWA, brings Outlook email, calendar and contacts to subscribers of the dreaded Office 365 service.

2013-07-17 11.48.49

The apps design is based on the Outlook web client, with some inevitable hints of Windows Phone in there too. The app features push notifications, voice commands, passcodes and remote wipes for security and more. There’s also conversation views, Mark as Junk, flagging and categories all standard of today’ email clients.

Outlook Web App for iOS promises to be a great addition to iOS for 365 users looking to strengthen their iOS synchronization with Microsoft.

Outlook Web App is available free on iOS, both for iPad and iPhone: App Store

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24 Hour dispatch disappears from International online Apple Stores.

Apple Store 24 hour

It appears that Apple has dropped 24 hour dispatch from a select number of its international online stores.

Previously, customers were able to select 24 hours dispatch for most of Apple’s products on international online stores, however now the fastest delivery option available is 1-2 business days. The reasons for the change remain unknown, and perhaps more confusingly, only affect a select group of stores. The UK, Canada and Ireland have all lost the 24 hour option, however most products in the U.S and France are still offering a 24 hour option.

If you’re planning to purchase an Apple product online in the immediate future then you may want to take this into account, so make sure you check out your products delivery options thoroughly to avoid disappointment!

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eBay for iOS gets new interface.

eBay’s iPhone app has today received a UI overall, bringing a completely new look to the app.

Version 3.0.0 brings a new interface, which is now much simpler to use, however there are some tweaks to the apps core features too. The app has an improved bidding feature to make bidding near the end of auctions more effective  There are also larger photo views, and a feature which enables users to checkout multiple items, however this feature is only available in the UK and the US.

iPhone Screenshot 1

There’s a new feature which allows you to enlarge the photos of a search result (iOS 6 required), which should also make searching a lot easier, this will come into effect in the next couple of weeks.

Perhaps the coolest feature in this update is the ability to create an eBay account simply by scanning your Drivers License with your iPhone’s camera.

There are also some bug fixes and minor tweaks. The app is available universally on iOS (5.0 or later) now! App Store

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Leak causes flood at Fifth Avenue Apple Store, employees blame recent construction.


The New York Post reports that the flagship Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan was flooded following heavy rain in the city this morning due to a leak in the retail store’s roof. The flood apparently began shortly after opening at approximately 8 a.m while around 15 customers were shopping in the store. According to reports from NY Post, employees blamed construction completed on the location last year for the leak:

 According to one worker, today’s deluge of water may have been due to problems with construction completed last year on the roof of the store.”It’s because of the construction they did last year on the roof,” the worker said. “They didn’t do it right. There are large flat stones up there [that you walk across as you go into the store]. And with the heavy rain this morning, [the water] came through.”

“I was down there at 5:45am because I had trouble backing up my computer and everyone started yelling,” customer Errol Rappaport, 68, told The Post. “There was a leak then–boom–the whole thing opened up out of the ceiling. Then everyone started scrambling, moving tables…It didn’t look like there were any electrical issues otherwise they would have evacuated the store.”

Although the majority of the water was removed from the store by 10 am, the location apparently remained open to customers the entire time with just the west portion of the store blocked off and one table with iPad display units covered in plastic.

Source: 9to5Mac.

Clear for iOS free today courtesy of Starbucks.

Fantastic iOS to-do app Clear is free today, courtesy of Starbucks.

Clear usually retails at $1.99 on the App Store, and allows you to create prioritized to-do lists using a series of gestures and swipes for the optimum user experience, lists also sync with iCloud.

The link below will open iTunes and automatically enter a Starbucks code, allowing you to download the app for free if you so wish! If you haven’t used Clear before, then I’d seriously recommend it, it’s a really simple app, but very useful!

Get Clear free here!

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