Today is the best day to buy an iPhone from T-Mobile.

iphone 6
Holiday deals on the iPhone are sometimes underwhelming — mainly because the phones sell so well on their own that they don’t really need any help finding homes — but T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday deal is actually pretty fantastic. For today only, T-Mobile is selling iPhones with higher memory capacities for the price of the lower tier models. Here’s what the company is offering:

  • Buy an iPhone 6 16GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 6 64GB
  • Buy an iPhone 5s 32GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5s 64GB
  • Buy an iPhone 5c 8GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5c 32GB

Yes, a 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of the 16GB version. That’s a $100 savings on the newest iPhone on the block. The other upgrade offers are similarly great, and all told this is one of the better Cyber Monday deals on Apple gear across the web. The deals are only available online — Cyber Monday, yada yada yada — so head to T-Mobile’s site if you’re hoping to score a free upgrade before the stocks run dry.

T-Mobile’s new $40 plan gets you unlimited talk, text & 500MB of LTE data, no international perks.


T-Mobile is about to kick off three days of announcements for new initiatives starting with a new $40 Simple Starter plan that it says is a first for a U.S. carrier. Starting on April 12, T-Mobile claims the new $40 plan will make it the first to offer “unlimited talk and text, and up to 500MB of 4G LTE data and tethering with no data overages” at that price point. In this case, since the LTE data isn’t unlimited, no overages isn’t entirely accurate. It  really means you’ll have to purchase additional data once you hit that 500MB cap for the month. In its press release, T-Mobile compared the new plan to AT&T’s entry-level plan:

T-Mobile contrasted its new flat-rate value plan against AT&T’s entry-level plan, whose costs immediately jump by $20 increments – in what amounts to a massive 44% price hike on those customers least able to absorb overages and bill shock. With Simple Starter, you’ll get a ton more data compared to AT&T’s 300MB, and you’ll never pay data overages again – ever. And with data capped at 500MB, you’ll never pay more until you choose to pay more – by purchasing additional data sessions whenever you like.

T-Mobile’s argument is that its method of charging for more data is more transparent than the other guys, but at the end of the day an overage is an overage and paying for more data will cost you $5/day or $10/week for T-Mobile’s “additional data sessions.” In reality, AT&T’s $45 300MB plan is comparable considering it only charges users $5 more for the next tier up, $50 for 1GB a month.

The new Simple Starter plan won’t, however, have access to the unlimited international data and texting perks that come with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans. They start at $50, $10 more than the new Simple Starter plan.

T-Mobile Adds More Data, No-Cost International Texting to Simple Choice Plans.

T-Mobile  announced that it was altering its existing Simple Choice plans, adding more data, a new pricing tier and no-added-cost international texting from the United States.

Simple Choice plans still start with one line at $50 per month for unlimited data, talk and text on the T-Mobile network.  You only have to decide how much high speed 4G LTE data you want.  And now on the core plan, you’ll get a full 1GB of 4G LTE data and tethering – double the previous amounts.  Additional lines continue to be $30 for the second line and $10 for up to three additional lines for unlimited data talk and text, and now 1GB of 4G LTE data.

Previously, T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans included 500MB of 4G LTE data in the base $50 per month plan, while users could get 2.5GB of 4G LTE data for an extra $10 per month and unlimited 4G LTE data and 2.5GB of tethering for an extra $20 per month.

Now, users will get 1GB of 4G LTE data in the base plan, 3GB of 4G LTE data for an extra $10, 5GB of 4G LTE data and 5GB of tethering for an extra $20 and unlimited 4G LTE data and 5GB of tethering for an extra $30. In addition, T-Mobile has added unlimited international texting from the United States at no extra cost.

The data changes will take effect automatically on March 23 and the international texting will begin on April 1. While the unlimited 4G LTE data for an extra $20 per month will be removed, users who have the plan before March 23 will be grandfathered into, and allowed to keep, the plan.

Source: Mac Rumors.

September 20-22 scheduled as blackout dates for T-Mobile staff, iPhone launch weekend?


Our friends over at TmoNews have been sent information on “blackout” dates for T-Mobile’s retail staff. No vacation or days off will be allowed for any employees between September 20th and the 22nd, fitting in very nicely with previous rumors that Apple will launch its next iPhone on that weekend.

The company is expected to announce at least one new model iPhone at an event on September 10th, the same day that developers will most likely get hold of iOS 7 GM version (the final software release before it goes public). If previous years’ schedules are anything to go by, the iPhone will arrive on store shelves on Friday, the week following. Falling nicely on September 20th.

David Beren mentions the possibility that the blackout dates could be due to the Note III launch, but, that is very unlikely considering the demand for phablets is nowhere near as high as it is for the next Apple branded smartphone.

Source: TodaysiPhone.

iPhone pricing changed on T-Mobile, down payment decreased, monthy fee increased.

Tmo iPhone price change

As of today, T-Mobile has changed around its iPhone 5 pricing structure. The company that has done away with contracts has reduced the down payment on the iPhone $5, making the initial cost of a 16GB version $145.99. This is the second time in less than three months that the carrier has changed its pricing structure for the iPhone.

In addition to lowering the down payment of the iPhone, T-Mobile also decided to increase the monthly equipment installment by $1, meaning it will now cost $21 per month. This means that over the lifetime of the device, users will most likely end up paying more than before this price increase because of the increase in monthly payments, unless of course, the consumer has the device for less than five months.

While I don’t use T-Mobile, I do like the idea of the contract-free plans. Although I don’t plan on switching, some of the deals from the carrier seem pretty good. Unfortunately, this pricing change shows an increase in price, and the deal isn’t as sweet as it was when the iPhone originally cost just $99 down from the carrier.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s pricing system and this price change? Do you like T-Mobile’s contract-free system? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: TodaysiPhone.

Hacked Carrier Update Now Available To iOS Devices On Sprint.

If the next iPhone has LTE, Sprint still wants to offer you an unlimited plan.

A hacked carrier update that has the potential to deliver improved data speeds is now available to iPhone 5 users on Sprint. The modified update, which has previously been made available to devices on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, does not require a jailbroken device — just a Mac or PC with iTunes.

Like the other updates, this one comes from Joe Brown and Sky Zangas over at iTweakiOS, who have explained how it works:

This hack enables 1x Advanced and EVDO Rev. B on the iPhone 5 enhancing EVDO 3G data speeds. Though Sprint is limited to EVDO Rev. A, the device itself becomes more open to an increased amount of bandwidth thus allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. Already intact coding within the carrier files also showed signs that Sprint has 1x Advanced support on their network. So, how knows? This may actually enable something new. Throttling code was put in place to limit users to a certain amount of bandwidth on 3G only as well and has now been removed.

This update is a little different to those for other U.S. carriers, because it doesn’t improve LTE speed. However, Brown explains that this is because it was never throttled on Sprint like it was on the other carriers anyway. You should see improved speeds on 3G, however.

There’s no guarantee the update will make a significant difference, and if you already have good 3G speeds, the changes could be very slight. But as no jailbreak is required, it’s certainly worth a try. The update is compatible with the iPhone 5 only at this point, but Brown one for the iPad soon.

For a step-by-step how-to on installation, click the source link below.


Hackers release T-Mobile US iPhone carrier update to boost speed for 1900MHz refarmed users.


Our friends over at TmoNews have pointed us towards some potentially very exciting news, at least for those of you running iPhone 5s on T-Mobile US’ 1900MHz network. A hack was released by the same guys who showed us how to enable LTE on a jailbroken iPhone in March. This modified T-Mobile carrier update essentially boosts network performance making connection speeds much faster. As you can see from the screenshots above, before and after update speeds are vastly different. Possibly the best part? You don’t need to have a jailbroken iPhone to use it.

Full details on how to get it working, and all the nerdy tech-talk you could possibly need are below. But, before doing anything, be sure you back up your iPhones either through iTunes or iCloud:

Since many unlocked iPhone 5 users report weakened signal on the refarmed 4G HSPA+ and many iPhone users (unlocked or official T-Mobile versions) report slower data speeds, I have done many hours for many days doing research on what could be done to fix the issue. After partnering with @cooldayr2, we both have come up with the best possible solution to this issue. Below is a fix we have provided for all iPhone 5 users on the T-Mobile network. This will not take away any features added by the official carrier update nor does it require a jailbreak, however, we have made user friendly for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users. If you have any issue, please tell Joe at Thanks!
Non-jailbroken users:
1.       Plug your iPhone 5 into iTunes and backup the device so you won’t lose anything.
2.      In the device itself, tap the “Settings” app and navigate to “General  > Reset  > Erase all content and Settings”
3.      Once you have done that, the iPhone will auto reboot.
5.      Once downloaded, your iPhone will boot up into iTunes. Before you do ANYTHING, make sure to decline any and all prompts to update carrier settings. Just choose to “Restore from backup” and let it run.
6.      Once your iPhone has booted up once again, it will place all of your personal content back into the Phone. While it’s doing this we’re going to go ahead and enable iTunes to except custom carrier bundles, if it’s not already.
7.      Windows users, you will need to open command prompt and type the following and enter it in:
64 bit:cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes”  then type:  iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier testing 1
32 bit:cd “C:\Program Files\iTunes”  then type:  iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier testing 1
Mac users you will need to open terminal and type the following and enter it in:
Mac:defaults write carrier-testing -bool true
8.      After this has successfully been entered in, click on the tab for your iPhone 5 and click “Update” or “Check For Update” while holding down the Alt / Optionkey for Mac users and the Shift key for Windows users. Navigate to where you downloaded the hacked carrier update file named “TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc,” and select it then click Open.
9.      The carrier update should now successfully be installed. Restart your iPhone 5 for any changes to take effect.
10.   If you encounter any problems or wish to revert back just download the file below and repeat the above steps only with the default file instead.
Jailbroken Users:
1.       Download the file to your device through iFile here:
2.      Unarchive the files and copy the file name “overrides_N41_N42.pri” then navigate to var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/TMobile_US.bundle and paste it into the folder replacing the original .pri file.
3.      Reboot your device for changes to take effect.
4.      If you encounter any problems or wish to revert back just download the file below and repeat the above steps only with the default file instead.
Tech talk:
This hack enables Release 9 DC-HSPA+ on the iPhone 5. Though T-Mobile has not yet upgraded their network to support these speeds, the device itself becomes more open to an increased amount of bandwidth thus allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. The average increase has been 3mbps to as high as 8mbps on the downlink. This hack also includes a fix to any and all iPhone 5 users who have experienced degraded/weakened signal over the past couple of months on the PCS and/or AWS bands, though a lot of this could be due to the eminent release of LTE in many upcoming markets as this is normal. The issue was due in part to the carrier update. It set the band preference for HSPA+, even if your iPhone 5 doesn’t support it, to AWS which can cause conflictions and problems for the devices that don’t support that band. The setting has been set to the default “auto” setting and should help the 4G signal perform a bit better, whether you’re iPhone 5 is PCS only or dual PCS/AWS. For those with an iPhone 5 that supports AWS, this hack will also help you as well as it will connect to the strongest tower (PCS and AWS) rather than the preferred type of tower. Enjoy!

Source: TodaysiPhone.