Watch all of Apple’s new product videos right here.

More news than you can shake an iPad at.

Tim Cook and company just hit us with a tsunami of new product announcements. Not only did we get new iPhones, a much-improved Apple TV, and a giant iPad, but Apple’s also making pencils, keyboards, and cheap gold Apple Watches now too.

Fans can relive all the glory by watching today’s keynote in its entirety on Apple’s website or iTunes, but if you want to get down to just the highlights and hear Jony Ive wax philosophical about his latest creations, here are all the new product videos:

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus reveal

The only thing that’s changed is everything

New Apple Watch colors

iPad Pro unveiling

Even more iPad Pro

The new Apple TV

Apple revolutionizes the pencil

‘Leaked’ Apple ad envisions a colorful iPhone 6s.

The iPhone needs a splash of color.

The iPhone 6s keynote is less than a month away, and while Apple’s not expected to bring any huge design changes to its newest smartphones, the new models could be the most colorful phones out of Cupertino since the iPhone 5c.

Someone has created a fake “leaked” iPhone 6s commercial that envisions what the iPhone 6s would look like if it came in more color options than the iPod Touch. Even though the 30-second spot that supposedly comes straight from an Apple office is definitely not made by Apple, it’s interesting to see what the iPhone would look like if Apple made it as fun as the original iPod ads.

Check it out:

Smart thermometer is ready to track your kid’s fever all day long

TempTraq thermometer lets a baby sleep

You no longer have to disturb your kid’s sleep just to see if that fever is getting any better. Months after its CES debut, Blue Spark’s TempTraq thermometer is available for a fairly reasonable $25. The Bluetooth patch keeps tabs on a child’s temperature in relative comfort for a full 24 hours, giving your progeny a chance to rest instead of enduring yet another probe in the ear. It can warn you if the temperature gets above a certain level, and you can use the Android and iOS apps to log when your tiny patient eats or takes medicine. This won’t track the illness from start to finish, unfortunately, but it might be all you need for that one day when you’re worried your little one’s condition might get worse.

Video: Man creates real-time magnet position detection system using an iPhone.

As smartphones have gotten smarter their insides have had to get smarter with them. Right now the iPhone in your pocket contains an accelerometer, magnetometer digital compass, gyroscope, microphone, proximity sensor, camera, GPS, and more. Ivo Leko is a developer who was inspired by the possibilities inside our phones to create a new way of interaction with the device.

Using the iPhone’s magnetometer, accelerometer and microphone Leko has written a library in Objective-C and C that allows you to detect the position of a magnet in real time. While that may not sound impressive actually watching it in action is another story. The program can detect the magnet across both a 2D and 3D plain, meaning in the future this could be used for a number of active real world situations like virtual keyboards, styluses, and game controllers. In the mean time it’s simply a stunningly interesting demo. Enjoy.

8-bit Miyazaki tribute film will fill you with nostalgia.

It's rainy out there for neighbors. Screengrab: Pablo Fernandez Eyre

My Neighbor TotoroSpirited AwayHowl’s Moving CastlePonyoKiki’s Delivery Service. Chances are you’re thinking of these lovely, peaceful, wonderful animated films right now.

And these are just a few of the fantastic and bewitching animated films that Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli have made together over the past couple of decades. Now, however, Miyazaki has retired after making one final, autobiographical film, The Wind Rises. Studio Ghibli has put its film-making on hold, as well, citing restructuring.

Independent filmmaker Pablo Fernandez Eyre was a little sad when he heard the news.

“I decided to make a tribute to show my love for movies like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away,” he told Cult of Mac in an email. Check out his moving 8-bit piece below.

Can you see all the Miyazaki characters in that? There are a ton. First, though, Eyre created and published a video test of the rainy Totoro bus-stop to gauge the response from people who subscribe to his YouTube channel. They liked it, which encouraged him to pursue the final project.

The 46-second full tribute to the film master took about a month to make, with Eyre working up to two hours a day in his free time. He did the drawings in Photoshop and put it all together in Final Cut on his Mac.

“My whole idea about this tribute was to hopefully push Studio Ghibli to make video games of their films,” said Eyre. “And in 8-bit style if possible. That’s what I like the most.”

iPad Air 2 dummy unit reveals upcoming design changes.


Apple is expected to announce its new iPad lineup at an event next week, but manufacturers in Vietnam have leaked a hands-ons on video of a high-quality iPad Air 2 dummy unit, that reveals all the subtle design tweaks coming to the world’s most popular tablet.

One of the biggest changes is addition of Touch ID as well as the disappearance of the the mute-switch, which has been completely removed from the left side of the iPad Air 2, while the volume buttons are a bit more recessed.

Check out the hands-on video below to see some of the other changes:

The iPad Air 2 is expected to be announced on October 16th at a town hall event on Apple’s Cupertino campus. Additional upgrades to the iPad Air 2 are expected to include Touch ID, A8 processor, 8MP rear camera, HD FaceTime camera, a slightly thinner profile, and an anti-reflective coating.


Watch 14 iPhones and iPads do elaborate dance in this clever music video.


The Ukrainie-based indie band Brunettes Shoot Blondes have created a clever music video that uses iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and even an iPod nano to tell a fascinating animated love story.

The video for the band’s single, ‘Knock Knock’, uses 14 different Apple screens in the delightfully elaborate dance of iDevices that probably took a million takes to pull off successfully. The entire video is playing on the screens in real-time and required pinpoint accuracy to pull off. It’s kind of like a lo-fi version of OK Go’s Rube Goldberg machine videos, only all Apple.

Watch it below: